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Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive, is an underground legend.  Mentored by a Hall-of-Fame strength athlete as a teenager, Marty set his first national record in 1967 as a 17-year old Olympic weightlifter; he set his most recent national record in 2013 as a 63-year old powerlifter. He is a former world powerlifting champion who turned his attention to coaching athletes and devising individualized training templates for the finest strength athletes in the world. Gallagher was the personal coach for national and world champion Mark Chaillet.  Gallagher is best known for guiding the career of strength legend and six-time world champion, hall-of-fame powerlifter Kirk Karwoski for a decade. Marty was the competition coach for the greatest strength athlete in modern history: Ed Coan.

Marty coached the United States powerlifting team to the world team title and has six national team coaching titles to his credit.  His writings, musings, speculations and observations on “physical transformation” and all things strength and power related since 1978 when he penned his first article. Since then he has had over 1,000 articles published. He has mainstream journalism credentials, having written 230 fitness columns for the Washington Post.com.

For the past decade Gallagher has worked officially and individually with Tier 1 Spec Ops commando both in this country and abroad. His work with spec ops has flourished because of the measurable results he obtains from men already at 95% of their genetic potential.

For hands-on instruction in the Strength Guild’s methods, check out The Purposefully Primitive Strength Training Seminar.

Marty Gallagher is currently completing a new title for Dragon Door Publications, to be released in the Spring of 2014, The Iron Bible: The Tao of Power.

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